ALBUM: The Blackout – “Start The Party”

All great bands develop their sound over the years. The Blackout are one of those great bands who with every album grow and grow.

“Start the Party” is The Blackout’s fourth full length studio album, produced by ex ’A’ frontman, Jason Perry. The album is stuffed with treats for all fans of The Blackout, boasting plenty of heavy riffs and catchy hooks. Before the album’s release fans were able to moisten their appetite with tracks “Start the Party” and “Running Scared”, as well as a short UK “pre party” tour, so there were no surprises or disappointments when the album finally dropped at the beginning of last week.

The album dives straight in at the deep end with title track “Start the Party” before moving on to “Radio”, one of my personal favorites. “Radio” adheres to what everyone wants, chanting, great melodic hooks, a chunky guitar sound and a great solo. “We Live On” for me is one of the main highlights of the album, it seems to incorporate every single Blackout sound we all love.

As with all rock albums, the ballad is delivered to us towards the back end of the album in the form of “You”. A great acoustic guitar sound and vocal performance from the bands frontmen Gavin Butler and Sean Smith. The album leads on the album closer “Threw it all Away” which I feel is the finest track on the album.

The album is a credit to the bands competent musicianship, passion and love for music. You can hear the hard work and struggle in all songs, making for a great album. The Blackout are currently on a full length UK tour to promote the album. Try and get down to a show and support the British rock scene (its never been better).