ALBUM: Steel Panther – “All You Can Eat”

The time has finally come. The follow up to Steel Panther‘s ‘Balls Out’ is finally here. Titled ‘All You Can Eat’, the band return with bitchin’ guitar riffs, thumping drums, epic bass lines and hair raising vocals.

The UK were the first country to embrace Steel Panther as a band and this release shows how great an act they are. Yeah the lyrics are crude, but the musicianship is second to none.

The album opens with “Pussywhipped”, a mellow acoustic track that quickly erupts into classic SP riffage. A highlight from the album is the single “The Burden of Being Wonderful”. It’s  one of the less heavier songs but has a very cool 80’s vibe that set’s it apart from the other tracks on the release. Singer Michael Starr’s vocal range shines through on this track.  Satchel has definitely raised his guitar game on ‘All You Can Eat’ – this is particulary evident in the hillarious “Gloryhole”. To be fair all the tracks will leave you grinning – especially “Bukkake Tears” and “Gangbang at the Old Folks Home”.

Overall ‘All You Can Eat’ is a sidesplitting release which every metal fan should own.