ALBUM: Rolo Tomassi – “Astraea”

They’re a marmite band, you either love them or hate them, but Rolo Tomassi‘s latest and third album Astraea is the best work they’ve done to date.

I know its clichéd to say this, but since the release of the Cosmology, Rolo Tomassi’s sound has matured tenfold. With Astraea, you can’t help but feel that the band have finally found their sound.

The riff heavy “Howl” opens the album and is the patented Rolo Tomassi we’re all used to hearing. It’s a strong 1st track and gets you ready for what’s to come. Other stand out tracks are “Gloam”, “Ex Luna Scientia” and “Remancer”. My favourite track from the release is the experimental “Empiresk”.

Overall it’s a solid third album. I’ve found recent releases in the same genre to have a few stand out tracks and the rest just there to take space, but Astraea is definitely, all killer no filler.