ALBUM: Onslaught – “VI”

onslaught-e1379282684145The follow up to 2011’s ‘Sound of Violence’ comes in the form of ‘VI’. Opening with the melodic ‘A New World Order’ we are sent straight into the distorted ‘Chaos is King’. This is classic Onslaught. Mic Mourihan’s drums are thunderous and Jeff Williams’ bass riffs take the album to the next level. Some metal music can sound very repetitive and ‘sound the same’ but Onslaught do an amazing job at making all their tracks unique. This is shown in ‘Fuel for My Fire’ and my favourite track on the album’66’Fucking’6′.

‘VI’ is a great album. It’s everything what a metal band should be aiming to release. I know it is incredibly clichéd to say, but Onslaught‘s sound has developed and matured over the last 20 years. The lyrics are meaningful to today’s society and very different to other metal bands on the scene.

‘VI’ is out now.