ALBUM: I Divide – “Last One Standing”

I had the pleasure of catching I Divide live back in 2012 at the Slam Dunk Festival. They put on an amazing set and pulled a relatively large crowd.  Their sound was very unique and I couldn’t wait to hear a full length release. Fast forward 2 years, the band have signed with independent label Destroy Everything, and  their debut album, “Last One Standing” is here!

The album kicks of with ‘Follow Me’. It’s a catchy opener – riff heavy and very melodic. It’s a tight sounding track which provides the perfect introduction to the release. It’s followed by ‘Tell Me Something’. Again very melodic and rocky. Tom Kavanagh’s vocal range really shines through on this song.

The band recently put out a video for the next track of the album (see below). ‘I’m Not Leaving’ is an OK track but the computerised, repetitive intro really lets the track down.

Highlight’s include ‘Cold At The Bottom’ and ’27 Down’. Anavae‘s Rebecca Need-Menear’s vocals give the latter a boost of energy with helps push the song to the next level.

Overall “Last One Standing” is a mixed release. It’s got plenty of great songs, but some of them just don’t hit it. The band are outstanding musicians but they just need to focus on writing more catchy material. They are definitely capable and I look forward to hearing this in album number 2.