ALBUM: Heights – “Old Lies For Young Lives”

Welwyn Garden City rockers Heights, have been going since 2009 and in that time they’ve gone from strength to strength. With their debut album “Dead Ends” having received positive acclaim, I have a feeling that everyone will be talking about second album, “Old Lies For Young Lives”.

All the tracks on this release are awesome, but it is without a doubt, that the stand out track is “Eleven Eyes”  (featuring Architects frontman Sam Carter). If I had to describe the track in two words, it would be unique and non-stop.

The album is packed with epic guitar riffage, spot on drumming and unique sounding vocals. This sets Heights apart from all other hardcore bands on the scene. What I love about the album it’s sometimes heavy and ambient at the same time – very Killswitch Engagey. Very few bands can pull this off, and sound good. Heights do it flawlessly.

Heights hit up Slam Dunk Festival in a few weeks. If you are going, be sure to check them out – you won’t be disappointed. “Old Lies For Young Lives” is out now.