ALBUM: Euphoria Audio – “Euphoria Audio”

Euphoria Audio - The self-titled debut albumI’ve been following the Euphoria Audio boys for years now. From listening to their debut EP back in 2009, to their soon to-be-released debut album, you can definitely tell that the band’s sound has matured and got tighter.

The album has been a few years in the making, but believe me, it will be worth the wait when it hits shelves on the 8th September. Current single ‘Gravity’ shows us what Euphoria Audio are all about – huge, riff heavy melodies which were built for stadiums. From speaking to the boys, I know they dig Nickelback and Alterbridge – you can definitely hear these influences on the track.

‘3 Seconds’ was the first single to be taken from the album, and again it’s a banger. All the different instrumentals combine to create a euphoric aura that echoes throughout the track. The band put a music video together for this track. It’s a highlights package from their trip to Singapore where they supported the legendary Aerosmith. Check it out and you’ll hear how good they are.

I can see ‘Your Tomorrows’ and ‘Collide’ being future singles. Matt’s vocals take these songs to another level. There are a few slower jams on the album to create the perfect balance.

Overall, there is not a bad song on this smashing debut album. The band set out to give a modern take on classic rock and they’ve done it. I hope this album takes the boys far – they deserve it.

Pre-order the album from Amazon and check out the band’s official website.