ALBUM: Dripback – “Failed Futures”

dripbackHaving seen Dripback absolutely smash Download Festival and Bloodstock over the past few years, I couldn’t wait for a full length album. The guys play a great live show but I’ve always wondered how they would deliver in the studio. To cut it short, the band deliver. “Failed Futures” is huge. It’s the same raw sound you hear live, but on record!

‘Profit Driven War’ is one of my favourites on the album. I’d recommend listening to this first to get an idea of what the band is all about. Other stand out tracks are the brutal, heavy and riff-blaring ‘Rest with the Dead’ and ‘Victims’. Formed by members of Labrat and Ted Maul, you can hear these influences ringing throughout the album.

Overall, “Failed Futures” is a solid full length debut. What Dripback have done is mix the various sub-metal genres to create an interesting and fresh death-metal album.

You can download “Failed Futures” now and pre-order a vinyl copy from the band’s website.