ALBUM: Crossfaith – “Apocalyze”

crossfaithapocI first discovered Crossfaith when I saw them play under a railway bridge at the Camden Crawl in 2012. As soon as the band started playing their set, I knew they were going to make a massive impact on the UK scene. I genuinely believe Crossfaith are one of the most hard working metalcore acts at the moment. The band’s live shows are amazing, but their stuff on record is even better. “Apocalyze” proves this.

“Apocalyze” is the follow up to the brilliant “Zion” EP which was released last year. This album puts into perspective what the Crossfaith boys are all about. It shows the listener what they do best – implementing elements of rock, metal and electro into hard hitting, riff heavy 3 minute bursts of awesomeness.

‘Countdown To Hell’ is riff heavy but has those electronic elements which makes it pop as a stand out track. The synth is definitely the riff in a lot of the tracks – It’s really prominent in tracks like ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Burning White’. It’s a great touch which makes Crossfaith stand out from other bands in the metalcore genre. Other stand out tracks include ‘Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes’ and ‘Not Alone’.

With perfect instrumentals and vocalist Kenta Koie effortlessly going from screamo to clean, this is without a doubt Crossfaith‘s best work to date. “Apocalyze” is out now.