AWOLNATION - "Run"AWOLNATION are awesome. They’re one of those bands that fit on any festival or gig bill. If you haven’t heard of them before they’re a mix of pretty much every genre ever. You get electronica, dance, rock and there’s even some punk in the mix as well. Bands who mix styles rarely get it right, but AWOLNATION have got it spot on with their latest release “Run”. The album has everything – from incredibly catchy acoustic-pop tracks to riff-heavy anthems and everything in between.

If you liked the band’s 2011 track “Sail” you’ll love the title track, “Run” which features a very fast rock/punk breakdown. If you’re a fan of softer material, you’ll enjoy acoustic song “Headrest for my Soul” and pop influenced “Holy Roller”. No matter what kind of sound you dig, there is something for everyone on “Run”. As I’ve already mentioned AWOLNATION mesh all genres into one and create a killer record where songs flow into one another seamlessly – Mixing sounds and styles is what this band do best.

“Run” is out now via Red Bull Records.