ALBUM: Apocalyptica – “Shadowmaker”

Apocalyptica - "Run"Finland’s Apocalyptica have been melting faces since 1993. They’re a band that are known to bring it each time a new album comes out. Their new album “Shadowmaker” is no different and is guaranteed to blow your mind. This is the 8th release from the band who were once a Metallica covers band.

Title track “Shadowmaker” tells us what these Finish rockers are all about – riffs, licks and power chords but with cellos. “Reign of Fear takes me back to the self-titled Apocalyptica album. It’s pure energy and emotion. It’s a powerful instrumental track that packs a massive punch. “Riot Lights” is another instrument only track and gives you the feeling of a sense of urgency.  These two songs demonstrate how musically talented this band are. For me the highlight track was the ballad “Dead Man’s Eyes” –  a great way to close another solid release.

I can’t name another band that mixes the classical, rock and metal genres, but Apocalyptica make it look and sound so easy. “Shadowmaker”  is out now.