ALBUM: Antemasque – “Antemasque”


I first heard of Antemasque back in the Summer when their self-titled album was streaming on Noisey. I remember first listening to it and thinking wow, this sounds very similar to At The Drive-In with hints of the Mars Volta thrown into the mix. Turns out the band are made up of members from these two great bands. I also found out that Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers played bass on parts of the album as well.

The album is incredibly fast paced. What makes this album different to Mars Volta and At The Drive-In is that the songs sound very thought out and structured. This is evident in ‘Drown All Your Witches’ (my favourite track) and ‘50,000 Kilowatts’. The instrumentals are flawless and the vocals sound crisp.

I could definitely hear some punk influences throughout the album – especially in ‘Lurch’. This was great to hear. This album is definitely a strong introduction to what Antemasque are all about – it’s a solid punk-rock record. I expect to see the band hitting up festival stages all over the UK and Europe next year.

Antemasque is out now.