ALBUM: Against Me! – “23 Live Sex Acts”

Against Me! "Run"This collection of live tracks were recorded in various cities on last year’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues tour. It features 23 live versions of previously released tracks from  albums “White Crosses”, “New Wave” and “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”. What I love about live albums is that every single sound in the room is captured. For example the banter between the band and audience, strumming the wrong chord on a guitar or the drums kicking in a little too early. It’s what makes live music so exciting and it comes across incredibly well on this 23 song masterpiece.

A highlight from the album is the encore on the track “The Ocean” – It’s so good! Another thing the live album represents is how engaged Against Me!‘s fanbase are. Throughout, you can hear fans singing along with Laura Jane Grace – again capturing what it was like being stood in the room experiencing these brilliant songs live. “We Laugh At Danger” and “Sink, Florida, Sink” were personal favourites of mine.

Overall, “23 Live Sex Acts” is a raw, emotive, rough around the edges punk record that makes you want to go to an Against Me! show and experience all the mayhem first hand.